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Who you use to perform your home inspection is an important decision. Have your home inspected by a Certified Professional Inspector and Licensed Professional Engineer.

Why use Gitman Consulting for your home inspection?

Certified Professional Inspectors

Deciding who to trust with your home inspection is an important decision. At Gitman Consulting, you can rest assured that your home inspection will be led by an inspector that is certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Licensed Professional Engineers

By using Gitman Consulting for your inspection, you will benefit from the knowledge of a Professional Engineer, who can understand your contractor's construction plans. Professional Engineers are required to have a degree in engineering, pass several technical exams, and gain experience in construction and engineering before being awarded a professional engineering license. Your inspector will understand, in realistic and technical detail, what they are inspecting. You can feel confident in the opinions you receive because your inspector is also licensed to design the plans a contractor would use to build a home.

One Stop Shop (Termite Inspections & Radon Testing)

Gitman Consulting is certified to conduct termite inspections and radon testing during your home inspection.


A termite inspection is critical to avoid costly damage to a home.


Testing for radon gas is critical to avoid the risk of cancer for those living in a home. Radon is an invisible, odorless, and carcinogenic natural gas that exists everywhere. High concentrations of radon gas can be mitigated to avoid cancer risks.

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